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The Goldfish mid-length was designed for surfers looking for a longer board that still delivers significant performance.

With the nose pulled in, it allows you to throw it around easier and it fits better when manoeuvring  through sections of the wave or racing down the line with speed.

The wide point is forward of centre which offers more stability when forward in a speed trim position. The added surface nose area  helps to keep momentum when planning across weaker sections, making the Goldfish very Versatile in smaller gutless conditions. 

The higher volume is distributed throughout the board and slipped out towards the tail, making it very sensitive when leaning into turns.  We have adapted Jordy’s rolled down rail that blends into a soft tucked under edge,   giving the rail more responsive, much like the feel of a performance board but still forgiving.

We have the Jordy signature single to double to spiral-Vee bottom contours running off the tail, reducing drag and putting looseness under your feet, as there are many fin or box options to choose from. All depends on your skill level!

Custom Orders Available